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Geshe Jamphel’s teachings about Buddhist science

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Over a 18 months ago, His Holiness had asked Geshe Jamphel, our abbot, to start

Ordained at Nalanda: Ven. Chödrak / Yann Dulac

On May 2, 2014 Yann Dulac was ordained as a getsul (junior monk) at Nalanda. Chödrak, as he is called now, tells us how he became a monk and how he feels now.

New monks’ building about to become a reality

With the erection of the new monks’ building, Nalanda’s Master Plan (2010-2025) will enter into a new phase this autumn. Architect Martijn Prins explains the progress of the Master Plan.

7 Years at Nalanda: artist in residence Sonam Sherpa


For the past 7 years, Nepali artist, Sonam Sherpa has greatly served Nalanda in numerous art projects ranging from painting the magnificent large Buddha statue in the big gompa to painting finely detailed thangkas of the Protectors of the Lam Rim. Sonam tells about his life and his work for Nalanda.

How the 16 Arhats statues came to Nalanda

Reported  by Ven. Yonten to Ani Thubten Tenzin

Geshe Jamphel on the  the Practice of Tantra...

In tantra, we need to eliminate or block out ordinary appearances and our grasping for them, and replace this with pure appearances.  At present we relate to the container (world) and contained (sentient beings) as being faulty; and we feel that what appears to us is true.  Ordinary appearances and grasping for them are the basis for our problems and faults; therefore, we need to replace ordinary appearances with pure appearances.  Therefore our main object of abandonment is to get rid of ordinary appearances and our grasping at them.

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