Teacher Development Service Seminar

November 9, 2021

- November 13, 2021

Brief Description

This is a course about how to share Dharma with groups, as either a teacher, a facilitator, a teaching assistant, a meditation or retreat leader. The seminar is experiential and participatory, and is suitable for experienced Dharma teachers and complete beginners alike. It is intended to increase the pedagogical skills of Dharma students and practitioners who communicate the Dharma to groups.

This experiential workshop-style course will cover the following topics:

  • The role and responsibility of the Dharma teacher in the tradition and in contemporary settings
  • Pedagogical skills including Dharma pedagogy
  • The teacher-student relationship, including ethics, psychological issues, and purpose
  • How to plan and prepare a program or session
  • How to lead meditations
  • How to facilitate discussions

* The course has a retreat-style with several sessions per day and requires full attendance to obtain a completion certificate. It requires that participants have already done the Foundation Service Seminar (FSS) at Nalanda or any other FPMT centres.

Note about limited places and priority:

If we get to our maximum capacity of 42 participants, priority will be given to participants who are FPMT registered teachers or are in the process of becoming an FPMT registered teacher; or who are already facilitating introductory classes, guiding meditations or facilitating discussion groups within FPMT centers.

Price of accommodation with food:

  • 48€ per night, single room
  • 40€ per night, double room
  • 28€ per night, individual tent
  • 25€ per night, food only
Prices include three meals per day, fruits and snacks, and coffee and tea.
  • 10% discount for F.O.N.
  • 25% discount for sangha members.


“Wholeheartedly recommended! It was so refreshing and eye-opening to be presented with such an array of methods to share the dharma…including leading meditations, facilitating discussions, and using different methods to suit different audiences. Ven Connie and Andy did a great job leading this seminar. We travelled a long way to attend this, and we are so glad we did. Not long after our return to Malaysia from Italy, I was thrilled to be able to share a summary of this seminar with LDC’s other class facilitators…and more recently, apply some of what we learnt (such as giving visual cues via powerpoint slides, and using analogies to illustrate certain points) in our annual Pocketbook Discovering Buddhism course – conducted fully online for the first time. To our joy, the course was well-received and had the highest ever attendance compared to all our previous DB series!”

Recommendation for the TDSS by Selina Foong​

About the Teacher

Andy Wistreich


Andy received his teaching certificate in 1976 and obtained a Masters in education (professional studies) in 2000. He has been responsible for the professional development of teachers in a large college in the United Kingdom. He has taught Dharma since 1982, including Discovering Buddhism, the Basic Program, secular meditation and has lead tantric retreats.

He designed the Teacher Development Service Seminar with venerable Connie Miller in 2015, and it was piloted in four countries before becoming an official FPMT service seminar.

Currently Andy is the FPMT United Kingdom Dharma education coordinator, where he has devised a Dharma transmission support programme to help improve the quality of Dharma education. He coordinates a regular Spiritual Education forum for SPCs and study group coordinators in the UK.

Annelies van der Heijden

Annelies has a professional background as dietician, yoga teacher, shiatsu therapist and mindfulness trainer.  She has been actively involved as a student in the FPMT organization, and specifically Maitreya Institute, The Netherlands, since 1998. Annelies was the FPMT Europe Regional Coordinator from 2010 – 2013. She completed the Basic Program at ILTK, Italy in 2012. Annelies is an FPMT Foundational Buddhism registered teacher and Living in the Path facilitator, and completed the requirements to become a registered FSS facilitator in 2018.