Food Fund


NB. All donations are in Euros (€)

The Nalanda Food Fund provides three nutritious meals daily for all the monks living at Nalanda Monastery in southwest France. This service provides one of the most fundamental needs for life – food – and allows the monks to focus on their studies without the burden of sourcing and preparing their own meals.

All the monks benefit from the food fund and the annual individual cost is €1,560.

“The practitioner and benefactor offering food

create the cause to achieve enlightenment together.”

The Great Yogi Milarepa

What Does My Donation Cover?


Offer 3 vegetarians meals to one monk
1 day €5
1 week €35
1 month €130
2 months €260
3 months €390
6 months €780
1 year €1,560



Benefits of donating to the Nalanda Food Fund

“Taking responsibility for supporting these practitioners

is extremely worthwhile because they are preserving

and spreading the entire teaching of the Buddha.”

Lama Zopa Rinpoché


 “If you offer with the recognition that they are the guru’s pores, then that is an unbelievable way to collect merit. When you offer to many Sangha who have the same guru, then you are making offerings to that many pores of the guru. This is the easiest way to collect skies of merit by offering.

By offering even just one candy or flowers or even one grain of rice to a statue of Buddha or even a visualized Buddha, you collect skies of merit. It is much more powerful than offering to the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) as well as all the statues, stupas and scriptures existing in all directions, so there is no question if really offering to the same guru’s disciple. These benefits should be understood so that when you make offerings to the guru’s pores that you think correctly. This is the best business.”

Lama Zopa Rinpoché

There are extensive prayers and dedications made by the monks at Nalanda for those who contribute to the fund. These dedications will continue to generate merit for those donating to the fund for as long as the monastery exists.


➡️ Friends of Nalanda (Netherlands) – tax deductible donations.