Buddhist artwork at Nalanda

Nalanda has a well-equipped art workshop. Our primary service is making molds for individual tsa tsa practices, or making molds for centers, stupa building projects, and other Dharma related activites. While it is possible to order statues, stupas and tsa-tsas (plaster-cast images) from the Nalanda Art workshop, this is not our primary activity, so allow plenty of time when ordering these objects.  Many people who visit the Monastery are attracted to the colors and detail in the nicely painted tsa tsas. Most of what they are seeing are gifts to the monastery and were not necessarily painted here.  The Nalanda Monastery Art workshop can easily provide the unpainted tsa tsas, however the availability of capable and talented painters always lags far behind the demand for statues, stupas and tsa tsas.

If you would like to order a tsa-tsa mould, please have a look at the Order section. The workshop is only maintained by a few monks, students, or volunteers at any given time, so while molds are more easily made and delivered, we are not running a factory, thus everything is made to order as it ordered and one needs to allow plenty of time for delivery.

"The existence of Buddha’s teachings for a long time depends on the existence of the holy objects of Buddha. To have the scriptural understanding and realisations of the teachings is not easy. For these, you need to have a lot of merit. The most powerful merit that one can accumulate, and accumulate so easily, in is relation to holy objects. By making statues of Buddha and making offerings to statues of Buddha, one accumulates infinite, inconceivable merit that immediately becomes the cause for enlightenment."

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

We are well known for our high quality tsa-tsa moulds. These are provided so that practitioners can create merit and fulfil commitments given to them by their teachers.

Over the years we have gained a great deal of experience in making tsa-tsas, and so are able to give advice ranging from “first-timer” instructions, to the best material to use for the finest detail.

There are well equipped working areas, as well as a custom built house for their long-term storage.

Former projects include the 1000 Buddhas which are all placed in the altar of the new gompa. It took five years to complete, and they were all blessed by Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Tenzin during his visit to Nalanda in October 2008. Future projects include large statues of Maitreya and Lama Tsongkhapa for the main gompa.

Another project of our workshop is the large Tara statue made by Bertrand Cayla which, which is now at Osel Ling in Spain. Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said that this Tara will be famous in the years to come. See the article in Mandala Magazine. The original can now be found at our neighbour centre Institute Vajra Yogini. 

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about working in the workshop or would like to make a donation.

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