vipassana retreat 2020

Based on an extremely stable mind and careful analysis we can learn a lot about reality. We can eliminate all mental faults and disturbances and thereby transform the wrong perceptions we have of ourselves, of others and of the world around us. In this way we can make our life happy and highly meaningful.


What is Vipassana?

Vipassana is one of the oldest meditation techniques in India. It was lost for centuries to humanity, and was rediscovered by Siddhartha Goutama (the Buddha) more than 2,500 years ago. Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. It is a process of self-purification through self-observation. It begins by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind and then, with a sharpened awareness, we proceed to observe the changing nature of the "body and mind" and experience the universal truths of "impermanence", "suffering" and the "absence of ego". This is the process of purification: the knowledge of the truth through direct experience. It is a universal remedy for universal problems and has nothing to do with any organized religion or a sect. For this reason, everyone can practice it freely at any time and place, without conflicts arising from race, culture or religion to which they belong. It is equally beneficial for each and every one who practice it.

About the teacher

Ven. Zopa, Nalanda
The retreat will be guided by Ven. Lobsang Zopa, a spanish monk, who was ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Ven. Zopa is a registered teacher in the Foundation for the preservation of Mahayana Buddhism, FPMT. He has been a resident monk at Nalanda Monastery since 2006, where he has studied the fundamental texts of Tibetan Buddhism. Prior to his ordination, he practiced Zen meditation for more than 15 years. With the approval of his teachers ven. Zopa has for many years taught courses and meditation in retreats in mindfulness, calm abiding and vipassana in Spain, France, Brazil and Mexico.


Conditions of the retreat

For a harmonious and fruitful retreat we ask all participants to follow these conditions:

  • Silence. Starting from the first day to the last session we ask all participants to observe strict silence.
  • We will collect all telephones in the beginning of the retreat and give them back in the end.
  • Sessions will be divided between sitting meditation and walking meditation.
  • Food will be vegetarian or vegan. We offer breakfeast, lunch and a light dinner.
  • Karma yoga. We will ask you to do a light task 20 minutes per day, for example cleaning or dish washing.
  • Punctuality. It is very important to arrive on time for all sessions.
  • We ask you to not bring any books for the retreat, even if they are related to vipassana. The less distractions the better.
  • We ask you to refrain from killing (including insects), stealing, lying, taking intoxicants (including cigarettes) and engaging in sexual activity.
  • Venerable Zopa will talk in Spanish. If you want translation into English or French please bring a FM radio.

Price list

Single room

Double room

Dormitory tent

Individual tent


Only food







360€ (F.o.N.)

320€ (F.o.N.)

285€ (F.o.N.)

240€ (F.o.N.)


160€ (F.o.N.)


Friends of Nalanda (F.o.N) has 10% discount. A member of friend of Nalanda is someone who gives at least 120 euros per year to Nalanda. If you are not a member, consider to join. The Friends of Nalanda are an essential support for the monastery.



No advanced payment required now. Due to the current Health Crisis in the world the retreat will only take place if the situation has greatly improved by the summer and the French authorities has lifted all restrictions and do not advice against public gatherings. We will not ask you pay for your registration until it seems likely the retreat will take place.

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