Geshe Jamphel’s teachings about Buddhist science

geshe jamphel

Over a 18 months ago, His Holiness had asked Geshe Jamphel, our abbot, to start

teaching Buddhist Science here in the West. This request was repeated again last year, when Geshe-la once again visited India. The first occasion for this presented itself in June, when Geshe-la gave us a week-long "Introduction to Buddhist Science".  

A few years ago, His Holiness started a large project on Buddhist science together with some of the top Geshes. Specific topics were to be chosen from the Kangyur (the words of the Buddha) and the Tengyur (the Indian commentaries) to be included in what became a series of five (Tibetan) volumes. The contents can now be taught to others in our modern society, especially scientists, who have shown interest in this in the last few years.

Geshe-la explains that although science has provided us with so much material comfort in our lives, still we experience a lot of problems, and asks the question: why? The answer is that there is very little knowledge of what our minds really are, and what their potential is.   "His Holiness", he explained, "says that we should give a very fine and detailed explanation of mind, and integrate this into the folder of our 21st century science.  In this way, science would no longer just be very precise regarding outer phenomena, but would also include knowledge about inner phenomena".

A selection of Geshe Jamphel's teachings are available for download.

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