New monks’ building soon to be finished

monks building
Nalanda’s new monks’ building is here, and it has turned out wonderfully! On September 9th, the new building was officially delivered by the building company. However, this doesn’t mean that the building is finished yet. Martijn Prins, Nalanda’s architect and leader of the entire project explains:

“The building is finished as far as the companies are concerned but there is still work to be done. We are now in the last phase in which Nalanda Monastery does the final work to complete the building. We are sanding the walls and then we will paint them. 6,000 square meters need to be covered with all the layers, a big task which will partly be done by monks, but mostly by volunteers. After the painting has been finished a company will put the floor in. Then, we can install the ceiling lights, fire alarms, the toilets and bathrooms. Once this is finished we can furnish the rooms and make it livable.

The outside work, the landscaping including the path connecting the new building with the old building will be done by a professional company. We will add new plants ourselves. The work is scheduled to be finished sometime in November.

I am happy about the result. We worked with seven different companies and to have them all work according to the plan was not always easy. It took a lot of energy, but the work they have done is quite good. In particular, the wood cladding of the facades has turned out beautifully.

The wood cladding on the north facade is from our own trees. We cut trees that were in the place of the new building after which they were cut into planks in a village nearby. They were used for the outside cladding of the face but also for the flooring on the first and the second floor. That looks really nice. Cedar wood is really wonderful wood. It is colorful and doesn’t need any treatment against termites or other insects. We used wood of our own oak trees for the balustrade on the north and the south sides. Parts of the decorative Tibetan details above the windows are also from our own wood.”

You can see more Pictures of the building process on Nalanda’s website.

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