We are very happy to include your requests for prayers in the community's pujas and practices.

These requests can be for people or animals who are sick or deceased, or who have life obstacles, or for a sponsor's projects and purposes (such as business or other obstacles).

The name of the person and the purpose will be read out before the next community puja in order for the whole community to dedicate their actions with this focus. In the instance when a request is made for a person or animal who has died, the name will remain on the dedication list for 49 days to allow for transition to the next rebirth.

For a person to be included in our dedications, a note or email must be passed to Nalanda, with the following information:

  • The name (please make legible)
  • indication of the cause of death, sickness or obstacles, written in English, French, or Spanish, and
  • In case of death; the date, age and nationality of the dead person 

A series of several pujas can also be arranged, and if preferred, these can be arranged on auspicious days of the lunar calendar. Alternatively, arrangements can also be made for monks to perform a puja or practice at the home of the sponsor. Please note that all scheduling for pujas and practice are dependent on when monks are available outside of their study commitments.

Generating a Mind of Love, Compassion and Generosity

Nalandas MonksWhilst an offering to the monastery is not required for someone to be included in these prayers, it is very beneficial that a sponsor makes some sort of material connection, however small, with the monks that perform the puja or practices. This material offering serves as a karmic connection between the monks and the sponsor, and as a result, it provides a powerful base for a sponsor to destroy obstacles to their wishes. Through this connection, and generating a virtuous motivation and sincere dedication, the sponsor can create extensive positive potential by making offerings to the monks. Without this karmic connection, the potential for clearing obstacles from a sponsor's wishes is very limited.

While the karmic connection is an important factor, the amount a sponsor offers is not. What is most essential in all circumstances is that a sponsor cultivates a mind of generosity and virtue; a mind that has a wish to make offerings to the monks without conditions in order to benefit all sentient beings. As a result, it is the positive potential (merit) created through these actions, rather than the amount of money, that makes a difference.

The power of this mind of virtue can be shown in a story of when a poor pilgrim met the Buddha. The pilgrim visualised a handful of sand as gold dust as he offered it to the Buddha, and as a result, accumulated the same virtue as offering actual gold. In this way, we can see that the state of mind one creates for the action of generosity, and the dedication one makes when it's completed, is the most essential element.

For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide,
To dispel the misery of the world.

You Are Welcome To Attend

Tara Puja Offerings, Jus de PommeIt is very beneficial for sponsors to attend the puja themselves, and especially to make offerings of refreshments or a token offering to the monks during the puja. This participation creates a much stronger karmic connection with the monks, as well as substantial positive potential, and creates the conditions for much stronger causes to clear obstacles from the sponsor's wishes. Please note that some practices require participants to hold particular initiations.

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