If necessary, advice can be given by our resident Abbot about appropriate practices or pujas. The following pujas can be performed:

  • Medicine Buddha
  • Tara
  • Sixteen Arhats
  • Lama Chopa
  • Incense offering puja

Daily Dzambala. Sponsors can be added to a dedication list in order for the merit created to be dedicated to the sponsor for particular wealth purposes for several weeks.

Fire Puja. As very elaborate offerings and materials are needed, a suggested minimum donation of €450 is advised. If possible, it would also be beneficial for the donor to participate in the preparation and/or the puja itself.

Sponsors are very welcome to attend the puja (please note that some practices require participants to hold particular initiations).

Sutra Recitations

A request for sutra recitations or other practices can be made at any time to be especially dedicated to the sponsor's wishes. These can be undertaken by several monks, or the whole Sangha assembly, depending on the amount a sponsor wishes to offer and the length of the recitation. As a recitation of the longer sutras can take several hours, arrangements for these are dependent on when monks are available outside of their study commitments. It is also possible to arrange for monks to perform a practice at the home of a sponsor.

  • Heart Sutra (7 recitations)
  • Long Life Sutra (Tse-do)
  • Vajra Cutter Sutra
  • Sanghata Sutra
  • Golden Light Sutra
  • The Kangyur or Tengyur

In addition, sponsors can request other practices, or make offerings to projects and needs of the monastery in order to create beneficial causes and conditions. Donations for these practices are flexible and can be arranged to suit a donor's needs.

Other Ways to Create Merit

We can also offer to perform other practices or guide a sponsor in performing them, such as:

  • Light offerings
  • Animal liberation
  • Flying prayer flags
  • Sponsored creation of Buddha image (tsa-tsa practice) or stupa. These can be sent to the sponsor by mail.

Nalanda Monastery exists purely through the kindness and generosity of others, and it is only through that kindness and generosity that the monastery is able to function as a source of Dharma teachings. There are several ways to contribute to the monastery.

Offerings to the Monastery

Our Teacher's Fund - Geshe Jamphel (the Abbot of Nalanda Monastery) has teaching commitments in other parts of France and Spain. Any donations to help cover his travelling expenses, health insurance etc. are most appreciated.

As the monastic community at Nalanda continues to grow, costs for the monk's food, robes, housing costs, printing costs, and health insurance also continue to grow. Any donations to help cover these are much appreciated. For example, arrangements can be made to sponsor a monk's meals for a month, as a subscription or as a one-time donation.

Food offerings for the monks - offered to the monastery or inviting monks for meals.

The general maintenance and ongoing projects of the monastery are significant factors in monthly costs. For details on our ongoing and future projects, please contact Nalanda's office or visit the website. Any donations to help cover these are much appreciated.

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