Request from Nalanda’s director

Dear Friends,

We hope you appreciate the activities of our monastery. We believe that these activities, under the spiritual direction of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, are a very important base to develop the Dharma in the west and especially to develop the monastic life, the basis to uphold the Buddha teaching.

By studying extensively and practicing what we study, we can preserve the Dharma of scriptures and realizations. This is the purpose of Nalanda Monastery and Monastic life.

All these precious activities depend on our efforts but also on the support of our kind sponsors. We feel very fortunate to have supporters who appreciate the value of what we do at Nalanda Monastery.

As the winter is approaching, we have several financial challenges. The biggest challenge are the “Taxe foncière” and the “Taxe d’habitation”. In France those who own ground and buildings have to pay taxes every year. In order to be able to give opportunity to all the monks, nuns, lay students and volunteers to continue their studies, work and practice, we need to pay those taxes. Each of these taxes is around 9,500 euros, one being due in October and the other in December. As you can understand, it is always a challenge for Nalanda Monastery to pay them.

We will also have expenses for the heating in the winter. Thanks to generous sponsors, we have been able to invest in a new wood heating system, whereby the costs have been significantly reduced.  But we still we need around 5,000 euros for the heating cost for the whole winter (for about 50 people, which means 100 euros per person). Then, there are others insurances to be paid, for the buildings, the cars etc.


This is why we humbly request your kind support. If you can and if you wish to help us, please do so especially in this period. We from our side thank you from the bottom of our hearts and regularly dedicate out merits to all our supporters. Your contribution is meaningful; it becomes a cause for the Dharma to spread for all sentient beings.

With all our love and prayers,

Losang Gyaltsen
Nalanda Monastery Director

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