Studying Basic Program Online

Nalanda’s third Residential Basic Program started at the beginning of 2018 and this is the second time we have offered students the opportunity to follow online. Although it is possible to join the program at the beginning of a new subject or study a particular subject separately, it is important that you have previously studied the foundation subjects such as the Lam Rim, Mind and Cognition etc. to a similar level of this program, despite having the word ‘Basic’ in the title, this is not a program for beginners.

Study materials

We offer the online students, all the study material that is available to the residential students of Nalanda's Basic Program. That means that you will have access to the root texts, recordings of the teachings by our resident teacher, Geshe Jamphel Gyaltsen (in English and French), notes accompanying these teachings, also the questions and answers made by us, and background information such as charts and so forth. There is also an online forum that both resident and online students can use, to post questions and engage in discussions on the topics we are studying.

We have a blog that contains all the study material for you to download and that is also where you will find the forum.

Venerable Rigchok (BP coordinator) will be available as a direct contact to assist online students.

Cost of online course

The costs of this online course is 60 euros for lay students and 30 euros for the ordained for every four weeks of study material.

How to join

If you interested to follow the Basic Program at home, please contact me by email

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