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A. Seventy Topics

Seventy Topics is an important study of the entire sutra path to enlightenment as presented in the Ornament for Clear Realisations, including all the fundamental features of the basis, path and goal in the Mahayana. The Topics are listed and each is defined and explained in turn.

B. The Three Basic Bodies: Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth

Death, intermediate state and rebirth underpin samsara, the condition of repeated rebirth impelled by previous action and delusion. But they are also the three ‘basic bodies’ of Highest Yoga Tantra practice, forming the bases for altruistic transformation into the Truth, Enjoyment and Emanation Bodies of a Buddha. This transformation is brought about by means of simulating in meditation the stages of the death process that result in manifestation of the clear light mind. Therefore, this teaching explains in detail both the death process and the way it is brought into the path to enlightenment.

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