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Dear future Basic Program student,

Nalanda Monastery is very happy to announce an introductory course in Collected Topics (Dudra) from Monday 6 November to Friday 1 December 2017.

Dudra is the first topic studied in the Tibetan monastic universities, like Sera, Drepung and Ganden. Studying Dudra will give you a basic understanding of many of the terms and methods used when studying, analysing, and debating the subjects of the Basic and Masters Program and will give you your first taste of the way to debate. You will definitely obtain a strong basis that will help you understand many of the divisions of the 'objects of knowledge' in the phenomenal world that we experience.

In brief, this course is essential for anyone interested to study the Dharma, as it allows us to grasp the many different meanings of the terms used by the geshes (the Tibetan teachers.) The text is a selection of all the essential points of the philosophical courses given in the Tibetan monasteries. These points are taken mainly from the Abhidharmakosha and Pramana scriptures.

Dura is the first topic studied in the great Monasteries. This is considered as the key for the great texts. The Geshes say that this is like a key that can open the door of the house where we can find many precious treasures. The great treasures here are the Great texts. Dura give us the tools to understand them by clarifying the terminology that is use again and again in the great texts. This makes a big difference when you study them.

The course is given in Tibetan with English and French translation, and consists of a class with Geshe Jamphel Gyaltsen as well as a debate class each day, 5 days a week and is open to anyone.

So if you wish to meet our teacher, translators and coordinator and get an idea of how it is to study at Nalanda before coming here for the Basic Program, joining this Dudra course might be just what you need! You could also join one or two weeks if one month is too long for you. You can apply by sending an email to our office mentioning that you are a future BP student

We hope to hear from you soon!

Tenzin Rigchok
Basic Program Coordinator Nalanda

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