Lama Yeshe, © courtesy of FMPT“If you do not investigate your own mind with introspective knowledge-wisdom, you will never see what’s in there. Without checking, no matter how much you talk about your mind and your emotions, you’ll never really understand that your basic emotion is egocentricity and that this is what’s making you restless.”

Lama Yeshe, Becoming Your Own Therapist, courtesy of Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive -

Brief Description and Components of the Program

Get an overview of the Masters Program. Here you can read the mission statement and learn about components of the program.

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Main Components in Detail

Get more information about the main components in detail:

  • The Academic Component
  • The Meditation Component
  • The Attitude and Behaviour Component
  • The Service Component
  • The Training Component

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The Five Subjects in Detail

Get more information about the five subjects in detail:

  • Ornament
  • Middle Way
  • Treasury and Valid Cognition
  • Grounds and Path of Secret Mantra
  • The Two Stages of Guhyasamaja Tantra

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Find out more about the schedule for the whole 7 years, plus an idea of the daily schedule.

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Admission Info

Here you can find the admission checklist, the admission criteria and the attendance and participation requirements.

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Nalanda's MP Online

Here you can read about studying the Masters Program online:

  • What Is Involved?
  • How Many Hours Per Week Will I Need?
  • Where Are The Files?
  • Will I Be Able To Get A Certificate?
  • How Much Will It Cost?
  • How Do I Register?

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Admission Form

Go to the Admission Form.

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