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Admission Check-List

The MP is an intensive program of study, intellectually challenging and highly scholastic, requiring a great deal of application and commitment. Prospective students need to be aware of this. 

As it is difficult to apply the material studied to one’s practice and daily life without a thorough familiarity (based on study and retreat) with the Stages of the Path (lam-rim), this subject - as well as the two subjects, Mind and Cognition and Tenets - are prerequisite subjects that need to be studied prior to entering the MP.
Applications can be submitted up to four weeks before each subject starts..

So what do you have to do for admission? Here we've provided you with a check-list:

  • Check the information on this page about admission criteria, attendance and participation requirements
  • Attentively read the MP Main Components to get a good impression of what the program entails
  • Plan your finances - make sure you know about the fees
  • Submit an application form online
  • The Masters Program coordinator will then contact you

Students may enter the Masters Program at the beginning of any subject.

Ideally, applicants should have at least one year of familiarity with the study and practice of the lam-rim (the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment) and should have completed a systematic course of study such as Discovering Buddhism, the Basic Program, Maitripa College or an equivalent program in another organization prior to enrolling in the Masters Program.
The additional requirements pertaining to tantra need to be fulfilled to study the last two subjects of the curriculum.

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