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Attendance and Participation Requirements

While the Masters Program offers a unique opportunity for personal development through deep and systematic study, completion criteria were established by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to reflect the FPMT centres’ need for excellently qualified teachers, both in terms of academic knowledge and exemplary conduct.

(1) Masters Program Completion & Graduation

A Masters Program Completion Certificate is issued by FPMT Education Services to students who have passed the final exam and fulfilled the retreat requirement upon successfully completing all five subjects.
The Masters Program completion requirements are:

  • Successful completion of all five MP subjects 
  • Full participation in the three month review at the conclusion of the program 
  • Having passed the MP final exam 
  • Having fulfilled the one year MP retreat requirement

Masters Program graduates are eligible to become a FPMT registered teacher and can register at the In-Depth level, which qualifies them to teach and tutor BP and MP subjects as well as Discovering Buddhism and introductory level subjects throughout FPMT, upon request.

(2) Subject Completion

The MP completion card indicates that a student has fulfilled the academic, behaviour, service, participation and meditation/retreat requirements for each subject.  
The completion requirements per subject are:

  • Minimum attendance of 90% at teachings
  • Minimum attendance of 90% at tutorials
  • Completion of 90% of in-class quizzes
  • Passing all the exams for a subject (grade of 50% or above)
  • Minimum attendance of 90% at daily meditation sessions and retreats
  • Keeping a log of the daily meditations plus the meditation attendance sheet
  • Completing a written evaluation once a year in relation to the daily meditations
  • Daily self-evaluation and fulfilment of the patience requirement
  • Acceptable level of conduct as evaluated by MP staff
  • Full participation in the service component
  • Full participation in trainings offered as part of the program (90% attendance)
  • One month lam-rim retreat at the completion of  Ornament, Treasury and  Middle Way  

If a student cannot meet the attendance requirements for a justified reason such as illness, family circumstances, etc., a request for exception can be submitted to the MP Evaluation Committee consisting of the director, the MP coordinator and the MP teaching assistant. Exceptions can only be granted for a limited period of absence.
In the case of an unsatisfactory evaluation, if a student is judged ineligible for the subject completion requirements, a request for re-evaluation can be submitted to the MP Evaluation Committee. Students who do not pass this re-evaluation will not have their completion card signed for the subject.

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