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Service Component

"From the Western point of view social service is something outside the centre. Many people don’t think that working at the centre is social service. While at the centre, they think, “I should do social service - childcare, orphanage, old folks home or something.” Actually, working at the centre is the best social service. It’s the most important social service, the best for the sentient beings. When you do not have the proper attitude like that, you make many problems, and then life at the centre becomes difficult. Then, rather than enjoying the service, work at the centre becomes a burden. So I think it’s very important when you work for the centre, to have the same attitude of offering oneself as you would at an orphanage, or in childcare. The attitude should be the same…

Why is service in a Dharma centre most important? All those other services are very important and necessary, but if the sentient being doesn't know Dharma and if they have no opportunity to practice Dharma, they cannot remove the cause of their sufferings, delusions and karma. Then they will suffer in samsara without end, as they have been suffering without beginning. Therefore, it’s the best service for sentient beings and for yourself. This is the deepest social service."

Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Aptos 2001

All students are required to do five hours of community service per week, unless there are extenuating circumstances. This is an important contribution to the Monastery; it allows responsibilities to be shared by many, so that all contribute to the success of the program.
It is an integral part of the Masters Program. Full participation in the service component is a requirement for subject completion.

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