Below is the schedule for the 2013-2020 Masters Program.

There are holidays during the winter (usually 1 month) and the summer (usually 2 months). In addition, there are three one-month lam-rim retreats - at the end of Ornament term 6, and at the end of the second and third subject. 

MP Schedule 2013 2020 v240419

Please be aware that this MP schedule is merely provided for reference. A future MP in Nalanda might not follow precisely the same schedule  

Seven-year schedule

    Sept 2013 – June 2016: The Ornament consists of a total of 9 terms with an exam at the end of each term
    mid-July to mid-August 2015: 1-month lam-rim retreat
    Sept 2016 – June 2018: The Middle Way consists of 6 terms with an exam at the end of each term
    Summer 2018: 1-month lam-rim retreat
    Sep 2018 – mid-September 2019: Treasury consists of one term with an exam at the end of the term and Valid Cognition consists of two terms with an exam at the first term
    Summer 2019: 1-month lam-rim retreat
    15 Oct 2019 – 21 or 28 Feb 2020: Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra consists of two terms with an exam at the end of the first term 
    from 24 Feb or 02 March 2020 – mid-June 2020: Guhyasamaja Tantra consists of one term with an exam at the end of the term 
    Sept 2020 – Dec 2020: The final review period with exam assignments will take 3 months. 

Note: The Sangha of Nalanda has a commitment to perform the rains retreat each year, which normally falls during the summer/autumn months. During this time the Sangha is required to stay in the area. Therefore, we will try to schedule the annual summer holiday outside of the rains retreat period, so that the ordained students can leave the grounds if they wish to visit family etc. This means that the holiday months of July & August may change from year to year depending on the dates of the rains retreat.

Daily Schedule 

The provisional daily schedule below reflects the equal emphasis on teachings, meditations, and tutorials with discussions and the different training elements included.
In this schedule, early mornings, late afternoons and evenings are left free; while personal practice, community service, and group practices such as pujas will require some additional time, this should allow for at least one long break each day for individual study. Resident students at Nalanda monastery do the daily meditations in a group, while non-resident students can do them in their own homes. 


MP dailySchedule v110516 

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