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The unbroken line of Vajradhara Kyabje Dagri Rinpoche reincarnations dates back to the Buddha Shakyamuni's time to the Sthavira Suvarna Klash Neten Ser Beu to the great Tibetan Master Gonpo Sonam Chogdhen from whom His Holiness the great fifth Dalai Lama received oral transmission of the entire Kangyur Readings. Prior to this reincarnation, has taken the form of great many Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Masters.

The first Dagri Reincarnation Khenchen Gyatso Thaye received his monastic education at Sera Jey and went on to become one of the debate assistant Tsenshab to His Holiness the 8th Dalai Lama. He spent many years at the Potala Palace. Served as the great master ofTibetan Buddhism.

The Vajradhara Master gave extensive teachings at all the three principal Seats of Gelug Monastic Tradition - the Sera, Drepung and Gandhen Monasteries - and a large number of highly respected and accomplished Masters and Scholars became his disciples. Thus offered great services to the cause of Buddha Dharma until 1755.

The second, third and fourth successive reincarnation of Vajradhara Dagri Rinpoche, all underwent complete Monastic education at this great (Sera Jey) Monastery. After completing studies at the Monastery, all of them engaged in giving extensive empowerments, oral transmissions, textual teachings at all the three great seat of Gelug -Sera, Gandhen and Drepung Monasteries including both the Upper and Lower Tantric Colleges. There was a large number of close disciples and followers many of them were established Masters in themselves and among them are serving and former Abbots of the three principal Monasteries.

The masters came to be respected as great Teachers of the sentient beings and in particular emerged as the highest-ranking Masters within the Gelugpa hierarchy.

The masters are renowned as the holder of the complete initiations and oral transmissions and secret teachings of both the Sutra and Tantra, and are highly accomplished master of Yamantaka and Hayagriva Deity practices.

The fifth reincarnation of Dagri Thupten Lhundup Tenpai Gyaltsen entered Sera Jey Monastery keeping with the tradition. Completed His entire training and study programme, and in the year 1989 successfully passed the prestigious Lharam Geshe Examinations. The same year, Rinpoche entered Lower  Tantric College and successfully completed entire Tantric studies and ritual practices and trainings there.

Since 2000, Rinpoche has been doing retreat in Dharamsala and during this time, on repeated request and prayers from his vast number of disciples, students and followers in India, Nepal, Europe, North America and South East Asian countries, Rinpoche has been giving teachings and initiations and transmissions by traveling to these countries. In the process, the seed of liberation and enlightenment have been germinated in the heart of countless number of fortunate beings across the world.

Khen Rinpoche Acharya Geshe Lobsang Palden
Abbot & Chairman

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