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The purpose of life, how to live your life, why we are studying the Dharma, for whom, the most important thing in your life, is your motivation, how you live your life. You are living a life of Dharma, the healthiest attitude, the purest mind, unstained by the self-cherishing thought. The cherishing of the ‘I' creates all the obstacles to enlightenment, obstacles to liberate sentient beings from samsara, obstacles to liberate yourself from samsara, obstacles to achieve the happiness for yourself in this and future lives.

In the Bodhisattvacharyavatara, the great bodhisattva Shantideva says, "If one doesn't exchange self for others, enlightenment cannot be achieved. Even whilst in samsara, happiness cannot be achieved." All the sufferings in the past, all the sufferings in this life and future lives, all come from cherishing the 'I'. This means that all the sufferings, problems, come from the ‘I'. All the happiness in the three times, both temporary and ultimate, comes from others, each and every sentient being, whether in the hell realms, animal realms, and so forth, all the happiness comes from others; from every single sentient being, including those who are angry towards you, those who don't like you, those that you call your enemies.

The big way to study Dharma is not because you want peace, liberation from samsara, or happiness in future lives, but rather to achieve enlightenment so that you can liberate numberless sentient beings from immense suffering. This should also be your motivation to live in your ordination or lay vows.

Studying Dharma is practicing for sentient beings; it is the best offering that pleases numberless buddhas, bodhisattvas and gurus.

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