Aude from France

aude lamrim
Picture with the courtesy of Lillian Myers

Firstname: Aude
Age: 32yo
Country: French

Why did you decided to participate in the retirement Lam Rim?

I studied Lam Rim center Kalachakra in Paris and wanted to practice these teachings on the graduated path to enlightenment.

How have you experienced this retreat?

I enjoyed what I experienced personally and with the group. This time of withdrawal of daily activities allowed me to refocus on the mind and on what really matters to me.

What were the negative / difficult points?

The pace was quite rigorous for me (6 sessions including practicing Lama Choepa in the morning) with rather short pauses.

What were the positive / easy points?

- The explanations before each guided meditation,
- Reflections and reflections on the entire path,
- Questions and answers,
- The days punctuated by the bell.

What advice would you have for people who want to do a Lam Rim retreat?

To do so without hesitation. Lama Zopa Rinpoche said that Lamrim is the heart of all the teachings of the Buddha. Reflecting and familiarizing yourself with the path to enlightenment helps develop mind control and one can greatly progress .

In addition, this retreat allowed me to gain valuable tools to be applied in everyday life.

Did you enjoy your stay at Nalanda?

I enjoyed my stay at Nalanda from every point of view. The welcome, the kindness and the friendliness of everyone, soothing environment, beautiful place located in the countryside area surrounded by fields.

Have you anything to add?

Thank you to Nalanda monastery for having organized this retreat and Venerable Thubten Dondrub for having guided it.

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