Thubten Drolma from Germany

lamrim 2015 drolma

First Name: Thubten Drolma
Age: 50
Country: Germany

Why did you decide to participate in the Lam Rim retreat?
I am a student of the Masters Program and doing several Lam Rim retreats is part of that program.

How did you experience this retreat?
In the first few days it was quite hard to adjust to the schedule with 6 sessions. Once I got into the routine it was amazing to see how deep you can go if you really immerse yourself into that discipline and don’t follow your usual ways of distraction.

What were the negative/difficult points?
If you are willing to go deep it is as if looking in a mirror. Most likely you will see lots of things that are not pretty – because our afflictions are not nice. Seeing my own afflictions very clearly was difficult and painful – but then: this is what a retreat is all about!

What were the positive/easy points?
The discipline and supportive and friendly atmosphere of the group helped me, whenever I felt a bit low or overwhelmed.

What would you like to say for people who want to participate in a Lam Rim retreat?
I really believe it is so worthwhile doing retreat, especially Lam Rim. So please, if you have the chance doing that – just go for it.  

Did you enjoy your stay at Nalanda?
Very much!  I have been studying at Nalanda now for two years, living close by, and it is a very conducive place for studying and practicing. We were very well cared for during the retreat and everything necessary was well provided.

Would you like to add anything more?
Whenever you have the chance – go for a retreat. But on the other hand, please do not think you can only practice the dharma being a full-time student or a long-term meditator. Practicing the dharma is taking care of the mind. This is what Venerable Dhondrup reminded us about again and again. And that you can do wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

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