Lea from Switzerland

lea lamrim 2015

First Name: Lea
Age: 23 years old
Country: Switzerland

Why did you decide to participate in the Lam Rim retreat?

I loved the idea of spending a month at a monastery, having time to meditate and circumambulate the stupa, reading Dharma books and connecting with wonderful people from all over the world.

How did you experience this retreat?

During the first days my knees and shoulders experienced it as quite painful and uncomfortable. The breaks seemed to be too short, the time for eating lunch not enough and I fall asleep in almost every meditation session. After some initial difficulties I was getting used to most of it and started to appreciate this wonderful opportunity we got with every day more.

Venerable Dondrub' s calm, clear and profound way of leading the meditation sessions created a very steady atmosphere. Of course there were up and downs and sometimes thinking about all the suffering, your own issues and the hells felt very overwhelming. But still I think we were very fortunate to benefit from VenerableDondrubs great knowledge, funny stories and his warm-heartedness.

There were amazing people from different places, speaking different languages, yet it felt like a family- loving, supporting, respecting and looking after each other. I was touched by all the kindness I’ve received.

As it was my first retreat I was afraid not being able to follow the topics. But going trough the Lam-Rim in every cycle helped me to get an overview and understanding the links between the topics.

What would you like to say for people who want to participate in a Lam Rim retreat?

Make the most out of this special opportunity.

Did you enjoy your stay at Nalanda?

Nalanda is a beautiful place to stay and I really enjoyed the peaceful area… the little pond, the stupa and all the lovely cats. The food was well made and people were always ready to help you.

Would you like to add anything more?

I’d like to thank all the people who were involved to make this retreat happen.

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