News about Nalanda Monastery

New monk at Nalanda!

gyatsoEric Georges Clayton was a volunteer at Vajrapani Institute in California (USA) for years. In the Summer of 2014 he moved to Nalanda Monastery in order to volunteer and prepare for ordination.

August 21, 2015 was the big day: his teacher Jangtse Choedje Rinpoche Losang Tenzin ordained him at Geshe Jamphel’s new house.

Congratulations, Losang Gyatso (his new name)!  Besides being a monk and a Basic Program student, Gyatso is the caretaker of the gompa (temple) and he even finds time to paint parts of the new monks’ accommodation.

New monks’ building soon to be finished

monks building
Nalanda’s new monks’ building is here, and it has turned out wonderfully! On September 9th, the new building was officially delivered by the building company. However, this doesn’t mean that the building is finished yet. Martijn Prins, Nalanda’s architect and leader of the entire project explains:

Nalanda Monastery has a Dharma wheel and deer

new dharma wheel

Voila! After many years of work in progress, Nalanda finally has its Dharma wheel above the main entrance of the community building and in front of the big gompa (temple).

The wheel of Dharma explained

by Geshe Lobsang Jamphel (as translated by Venerable Tharchin)


This wheel of Dharma is a symbol. What kind of symbol? A symbol that indicates something about the place in which it is found.

Geshe Jamphel’s answers to questions by Vens. Drolma and Irene on the Dharma wheel

Question: is this just for monasteries? Could this wheel also be placed within Dharma centres?
Geshe Jamphel: the fact is simply that there has been no precedent for this in Tibet, nor in ancient India. This is because there were no Dharma centres, only monasteries. In fact, in Sogyal Rinpoche´s retreat centre here in France - which is a lay place - there is indeed such a wheel.

Request from Nalanda’s director

Dear Friends,

We hope you appreciate the activities of our monastery. We believe that these activities, under the spiritual direction of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, are a very important base to develop the Dharma in the west and especially to develop the monastic life, the basis to uphold the Buddha teaching.

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