Get an overview of the current activities.

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Get an overview about what's happening at Nalanda Monastery. It's also nice to see what happened in the past. Nalanda Monastery is a rather lively place!

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A lot of events, retreats and gatherings happen at Nalanda Monastery. View some of our events here.

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Nalanda is not only a great place to study, but also a conducive place for retreat. Through the guidance of experienced scholars and monks, retreats are great for everybody on the spiritual path.

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Nalanda Monastery provides services via the website Persons who study or work voluntarily for Nalanda Monastery can use the services which are provided. Those persons can use the services after they login as a manager or as an user. Those who would like to become a manager or a user needs to register first.

Registration Process

The registration process includes confirmation. A person who would like to have access to the website, needs to give consent that it is the persons will, to gain access to the website. That confirmation helps to avoid abuse of the registration form. Not only the person which would like to have access and register needs to confirm that will, also the administrator needs to confirm that the person are allowed to gain access to the website. In other words, both parties need to confirm their will.

That will take it's time. The confirmation process from the side of the administrator can last 24 hours. Please be patient.


There are two groups of persons, managers and users. The common aspect of that groups is, that each person which gains access via a login to the website, gets it's own account. What comes with the granted access to that account is, that the rights are limited to that very person. The limitation will be explained further in the following paragraphs.

Limited rights

Managers/Users are not allowed to pass their account details to other persons. Any mails containing account details are solely destined to it's recipient. Do not forward it to somebody else. Through login managers/users gain access to files which are available for download. The right to use that files are limited specifically to that accounts/persons. Therefore managers/users are not allowed to pass that files to other persons. Every person who would like to have access to specific files needs to register first.

Exceptions are possible. For that reason please get in touch with the IT manager of Nalanda Monastery.

Managers are:

  • Administrators
  • Translators
  • Editors
  • Publishers

Users are:

  • Masters Program Students
  • Basic Program Students
  • Home Study Masters Program Students
  • Home Study Basic Program Students



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