One of the main symbols of Buddhism is Buddha Shakyamuni. Besides the Dharma and Sangha,  Buddha Shakyamuni is one of the three refuges for buddhist practitioners. At Nalanda Monastery we have a big statue of Buddha Shakyamuni built by Jonathan Partridge.

We are happy to provide an image of the altar with its statues for your inspiration as a digital altar. You can download the images and use them on your computer or mobile device as an object for generating devotion to the Three Jewels. Private use is free, if you would like to use it for publishing purposes, please get in contact with us.

Download Digital Altar

NalandaMonastery-DigitalAltar-BuddhaShakyamuni-200x Download Digital Altar 1280x800 Pixel Download Digital Altar 1440x900 Pixel Download Digital Altar 1920x1080 Pixel

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