Retraite estivale de Lam Rim - Interview d'Aude

aude lamrimPhoto avec l'aimable courtoisie de Lillian Myers

Prénom : Aude
Age : 32 ans
Pays : France

Pourquoi as tu décidé de participer à la retraite de Lamrim ?

Thubten Drolma d'Allemagne

lamrim 2015 drolma

Prénom : Thubten Drolma
Age : 50 ans
Pays : Allemagne

Pourquoi as tu décidé de participer à la retraite de Lamrim ?

Je suis une étudiante du "Masters Program" et faire plusieurs retraites de Lamrim fait parti du programme.

lea lamrim 2015

Prénom : Léa
Age : 23 ans
Pays : Suisse

Pourquoi as tu décidé de participer à la retraite du Lamrim ?

J'ai aimé l'idée de passer un mois au monastère, avoir du temps pour méditer et circumambuler le stoupa, lire des livres du Dharma et me connecter avec des gens merveilleux du monde entier.

Venerable Tharchin


Ordained as a monk in 1999, three weeks after having finished his law studies at the university.

When I joined the Aryatara Centre in Munich I received lam rim teachings from the beginning. The longer I went to these teachings, the more I came to understand that all lam rim topics are integrated into a system. The consistency of the lam rim presentation overwhelmed me. It convinced me of Buddhism, so that I became a Buddhist and eventually a monk.

I wish to give to the participants of the retreat something they can use immediately. Lam rim is very practical. I would like to share with them what the lam rim gave to me: an inspiration, a meaning and direction to life that I did not have before. My goal is that the participants leave with a different understanding of themselves and of the world so that they can start to change their lives and unfold themselves.

Nalanda is an excellent place for the retreatants to let go of the distractions of normal life, so that they can get more peaceful and concentrated. In this way they will have ample space to deal with the personal topics that the lam rim brings up. But there will also be the opportunity interact with others, to go to the library or to go for a walk.

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