Dialogue Between Science and Buddhism

Conferences and talks with scientists, organized by Nalanda.

Main concept

Since 30 years, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many scientists have engaged a dialogue between Science and Buddhism, especially through the Mind and Life Institute. Inspired by the necessity of this meaningful exchanges, Nalanda Monastery has created Dialogue between Science and Buddhism meetings which main goals are:

  1. to present in a understandable way some scientific and buddhist complex topics to a large audience
  2. to create connections between scientists and buddhist scholars

How to participate

If you are interested to participate in the upcoming conferences online or at Nalanda, please write to us at scienceandbuddhism@nalanda-monastery.eu

If you want to be informed about upcoming conferences or have questions, please express your interest at scienceandbuddhism@nalanda-monastery.eu

Previous Conferences & Talks

Prasangika View and David Bohm's Ideas on Physics

With Geshe Namdak, Laura Domenech, Yves Andre and Paul Howard

October 2020

Theory of Quantum Fields

With Laura Domenech

February 2020


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