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Our Garden Objectives

In Autumn of 2020 we took ownership of Gachepel – one of the major properties in the village, and the monastery grounds doubled in size! This has presented a wide range of possibilities and a few challenges for our Garden team in management of our park and garden areas.

We aim to provide a tidy, practical and conducive environment for Nalanda’s community, it’s visitors and students, as well as providing a practical and well maintained park for group events and retreats on 2 properties which cover a total area of 65,000 m2.

In addition, our primary garden projects for 2021 are:

  1. To grow from seed and create a flower garden at Maitreya Pure Land to provide arranged flowers for our altars, rooms, events, as well as gifts and offerings, and generate seeds for 2022 growing season.
  2. To provide wild flower and meadow flower varieties in order to promote pollinating insects such as honey bees and butterflies. These areas will also incorporate paths and benches.
  3. To provide our Kitchen Team with a selection of organic fresh herbs.
  4. To provide our Workshop Team with natural products for filling holy objects such as dried lavender and flower petals. We also hope to explore methods for air drying and storage of herbs (whole flower and flaked) and lavender flowers.
  5. To become self sufficient in our needs for organic compost soil and liquid fertilizer by building compost bays in a secluded spot in the walled garden area.

Donate Young Fruit Trees

Donate young fruit trees
Most of the fruit trees at Maitreya Pure Land are exhausted and unable to produce fruit because of sickness or neglect. Once the Spring weather helps us identify those trees that need replacing, we can go ahead and find suitable varieties of apple, pear, plum and cherry to replant in our gardens. If you would like to personally donate young trees or the money to replace one, our Garden Manager is very happy to help you in your selection.

Réserve pour la nourriture des moines

Offering more than 20,000 meals per year to the monks community...

“The practitioner and benefactor offering food create the cause to achieve enlightenment together.”

The Great Yogi Milarepa


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