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two-year residential & online program

About the course

The course is based on the Lamrim, or Graduated Path, which presents all of the Buddha’s sutra teachings, from start to finish, in a structured way.
It clearly shows how all of the teachings fit together and is intended as a personal instruction for ones own spiritual development.
Lama Tsongkhapa composed this Great Graduated Path (Tib. Lamrim Chenmo) in the 15th century. Of all the Lamrim texts this is the most elaborate version and written by this renowned Tibetan master. The Lamrim Chenmo contains all the practical instructions for generating realisations of the path to enlightenment (including many precious details not found in other more concise texts) by combining the extensive and profound lineages of the great Indian Nalanda Masters of the past.

Also available online

We are now happy to offer an online studying option. The online study platform includes live-streamed classes, all course materials, review classes via Zoom and possibility to meet and interact with other students.


Geshe Jamphel
Geshe Jamphel

Geshe Jamphel, the abbot of Nalanda, came to France in 2001 after graduating as a Lharampa Geshe at Sera Je monastery in southern India. His passion is to teach the Dharma, in 2008 Geshe-la started teaching a five-year basic program followed by the FPMT Masters Program for a further seven years. During this time Geshe-la guided the students through this demanding course which involves studying some of the major texts in Buddhist philosophy.

Geshe Losel
Geshe Losel

Geshe Losel (Venerable Graham Woodhouse) studied Buddhist Philosophy for 17 years at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamsala, India. After returning to the West, Geshe-la has spent his time teaching, translating Dharma texts into English and has also spent time in the retreat. Since joining Nalanda's community, Geshe-la has continued to teach and guide meditations at various Dharma centres across the Europe.


The first part from January until June 2021

Geshe Losel will cover all the topics from guru devotion up to the section on Joyous effort, including death and rebirth, karma, ethics, renunciation and bodhicitta. The emphasis will be on a practical approach and in addition there will be regular meditations and discussions to help students integrate the material.

The second part from September 2021 to December 2022

Geshe Lobsang Jamphel-la will cover the calm abiding and special insight sections. Our abbot here at Nalanda is well-known for the clarity and depth of his explanations so you will have the opportunity to delve deep into these two important topics.

What is Lamrim?

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Even though the program is already going on, you can still join us as a resident or online student. To do so, please contact Program Coordinator – Ven. Tsöndrü via