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Nalanda Monastery

One of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the West, established in 1981 by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche and located in the South of France. Named after Nalanda Monastery in ancient India, we offer a conducive environment for monastics, programs in Buddhist Philosophy, meditation retreats and opportunities to serve.

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Video: Introduction to Nalanda Monastery and its new retreat place – Maitreya Pure Land.

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2-year residential & online

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Nalanda's Frontline
Geshe Jamphel
Geshe Jamphel

Current Abbot

Geshe Gyaltsen
Geshe Gyaltsen

Resident Teacher

Geshe Losel
Geshe Losel

Resident Teacher

Ven. Tendar
Ven. Tendar

Current Director

Why is Nalanda Needed?
"We’re establishing Nalanda Monastery to produce many saints and scholars. That’s why I called it Nalanda. We can be just like the ancient Indian monastery Nalanda, which produced such great Indian pandits as Atisha, Naropa, and Shantideva. I really feel that our own monastery can produce such saints and pandits."
Lama Yeshe
Lama Yeshe

Founder of Nalanda Monastery

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Bank’s Address:
Credit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrenees
219 avenue François Verdier
81022 Albi Cedex 9

Account Details:
Name: Monastere Nalanda
Bank code: 11206
Branch code: 20006
Account number: 2359 8573 110