Buddhist workshop at Nalanda

Known for top quality moulds

Nalanda has a well-equipped art workshop. Our primary service is making moulds for individual tsa-tsa practices, or making moulds for centers, stupa building projects, and other Dharma related activities.

While it is possible to order statues, stupas and tsa-tsas (plaster-cast images) from the Nalanda Art workshop, this is not our primary activity, so please allow plenty of time when ordering these objects.

The workshop is only maintained by a few monks, students, or volunteers at any given time, so while moulds are more easily made and delivered, we are not running a factory, thus everything is made to order as it ordered and one needs to allow plenty of time for delivery.

"the eye-opener" of Nalanda

Over the course of a year, student François Schick documented the talent and technique of Nalanda Moanstery’s master painter Sonam Sherpa. The film captures the painting and gilding of one statue in a collection depicting the Sixteen Arhats. The film also includes rare footage of the statue’s eyes being “opened,” a final and important step in the creation of a holy objects such as this. Enjoy!

Some of Our Completed Projects

Former projects include the 1000 Buddhas which are all placed in the altar of the new gompa. It took five years to complete, and they were all blessed by Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Tenzin during his visit to Nalanda in October 2008. Future projects include large statues of Maitreya and Lama Tsongkhapa for the main gompa.

Another project of our workshop is the large Tara statue made by Bertrand Cayla which, which is now at Osel Ling in Spain. Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said that this Tara will be famous in the years to come. The original can now be found at our sister centre Institute Vajra Yogini.

ordering your mould

Everything you need to know about ordering from our workshop and also a list of our available moulds.


how-to instructions

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