Volunteering at Nalanda

offering service is always fun!

Giving a hand at Nalanda

There will always be a lot of work at Nalanda! If you would like to come and offer some of your time and skills, we’d be most grateful.

You may volunteer in:

  • Cooking and shopping
  • IT, Social Media & Website Design
  • Gardening
  • Building maintenance (Carpenters, electricians, plumbers)
  • Cleaning
  • Accounting

Particularly we welcome students of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, including those from other FPMT centers, as well as those who make clear that they are seriously considering ordination.

Volunteers receive full board with three meals a day, in return for 5 days work a week, together with the opportunity to attend weekend teachings when held at Nalanda, or at the nearby Vajra Yogini Institute.

We would very much like to welcome people who can help prepare the food for Nalanda. We can offer free accommodation for men, and the possibility of staying in the local area for women. A great opportunity to live in spiritual community, attend pujas in the heart of a Buddhist Monastery and directly meet Buddhist teachings.

Advice for aspiring volunteers from the abbot:

In order to obtain the levels of peaceful happiness it is necessary to accumulate a lot of merit. Regarding the lay people who are staying here with us, helping us with all the work we have here at the monastery — all the volunteers here who are helping with the building of the new monastery are working no matter if the weather is cold or hot; they are not stopped by these hardships. They are continuously helping. This is a very amazing way of helping and a very amazing form of accumulating merit. Because what this actually comes down to is almost like an offering of one’s own body to the Three Jewels.

By doing all this work continuously regardless of whether it is hot or cold and taking on all these different tasks that need to be done at the monastery, it is almost like offering one’s body to the Three Jewels which is the Supreme Offering. Serving in this way is such an excellent opportunity or situation for you to accumulate great waves of merit. [Being able to] offer your own body to the Three Jewels is in itself coming about from the accumulation of good karma in past lives; receiving this kind of opportunity of working in this way is [a result of accumulating good karma in past lives].

And now here in this situation, by doing this kind of offering, doing this kind of work, one is again accumulating great or even greater waves of merit which will form the basis for experiencing happiness in many, many future lives. – Geshe Jamphel


How to apply

To become a volunteer at Nalanda or to get more information, please drop a message to the Karma Yoga Coordinator via kyc@nalanda-monastery.eu