The first Gelug Monlam festival at Nalanda

💎 23 - 25 Feb 2024

Accommodation freely offered to the Sangha, everyone else welcome for lunch after signing up

In order to fulfill one of the holy wishes of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Nalanda Monastery is organizing this year the first Gelug Monlam festival in France and probably in Europe from Friday February 23 to Sunday February 25.

Saturday 24 is the day of Chötrul Duchenthe last day of the 15 days of miracles during which merits are multiplied by 100 million.

Jangtse Choje Rinpoche presiding over the Monlam Prayer Festival at Kopan Monastery, 2017.

Photo Credit: Lobsang Sherab

Special Guests Participating

To help and teach us the inspiring melodies of these prayers, Geshe Thubten Sonam will come from the Sera Jey monastery a few days before in the company of Genden Dargey (the main chanting master of Sera Jey) and Geshe Dorjee Wangdak.

Venerable Roger also accepted our invitation with enthusiasm. Here is an extract from his response: 

“A sincere thank you for your support of one of Rinpoche’s holy wishes that Nalanda follows this tradition of Monlam… Once again many thanks and all my appreciation for organizing this… I think Rinpoche will be delighted.”


Genden Dargey, the main chanting master of Sera Jey.

Programa All sessions open to everyone!

Gompa has limited spaces (119), seats will also be available outside the Gompa.

Friday 23rd

  • 07:00 – 08:00 Prayer session
  • 09:00 – 10:00 Presentation of the FPMT Italian Monastery by Ven. Massimo
  • 10:30 – 12:00 Teaching session (Geshe Jamphel)
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 – 17:30 Prayer session
  • 19:00 – 20:00 Prayer session

Saturday 24th: Chötrol Duchen !!!

  • 07:00 – 08:30 Sojong (ordained monastics only)
  • 9:30 – 10:30 Prayer session
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Bodhisattva vows ceremony (Geshe Gyaltsen)
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 – 17:30 Prayer session
  • 19:00 – 20:00 Prayer session

Sunday 25th

  • 07:00 – 08:00 Prayer session
  • 09:00 – 10:00 Introduction to monasticism course by Ven. Jamyang
  • 10:30 – 12:00 Teaching session (Geshe Losel)
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 15:00  – 17:30 Prayer session
  • 19:00 – 20:00 Prayer session

Prayer Texts 

The prayers are made available thanks to the FPMT. Please find them here.

Version Francaise


In order to easier find the order of prayers during the sessions, consult this chart.
Version Francaise

Live streams 

Live streams of all the events can be followed here

 Celebrating 15 days of Miracles 

Beginning on the first day of the Tibetan New Year (Losar), February 10, the “15 Days of Miracles” commemorate the historical moment during which Buddha Shakyamuni manifested numerous miracles in order to subjugate the six non-Buddhist masters and for his disciples to generate more faith in the Dharma.

The fifteenth day, Chötrol Duchen, corresponds to the day of the full moon, February 24. It is a particularly auspicious day where merits are multiplied by 100 million. During these two weeks, monasteries organize the festival of great prayers: Monlam Chenmo. Lama Tsongkhapa himself initiated the first edition of this festival in the Gelug tradition in 1409. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche wanted to implement this practice of intense accumulation of merits in the West. This is why we are organizing this year the first traditional Gelug Monlam in France


Geshe Thubten Sonam (middle) and Geshe Tenzin Loden (right).

Invitation to the Sangha

The monastery invites several Western monks and nuns by offering them accommodation and food (sometimes travel).

Accommodation and Lunch

Everyone is welcome! Please sign up using the Sangha or Lay registration form:

For the ordained Sangha please register here.

For lay people please register here.

Donations are Welcome

If you wish to accumulate merits by participating in the care of the Sangha during the Monlam, you can make offerings here specifying “Monlam 2024”.

Your generosity will help to ensure the success of this event, and your name will be added to the list of dedications that will be read each of the three days.

See you There!

See you soon to share this special moment with you!



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