FPMT Basic Pragramme at Nalanda & online

2023 - 2028

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Nalanda’s FPMT Basic Program is a five-year full-time comprehensive course of study, discussion and meditation based upon sutra and tantra texts traditionally studied in the Tibetan Buddhist Gelug tradition, culminating with a three month retreat. For more information visit the Basic Program page here.

Registration is open and available both residential and online in English, French and Spanish. Apply below…!

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The FPMT Basic Program is of interest to the majority of students regularly attending centers, in particular those who are ready to commit themselves to long-term study and meditation. The program is less academic and demanding than the traditional Geshe Studies or the Masters Program, and can be followed residentially or online.

The BP offers a good, all round, basic Dharma training covering to some degree, all aspects of the teachings. It’s an excellent basis for further practice or study.

If all components are successfully completed, students should have developed a good understanding of the Dharma and its application to daily life. They should also have learned how to meditate. This will be a good basis for more advanced study, retreat or less formal practices, such as social service informed by a Buddhist world view. Students may also go on to assist with programs in centres, leading discussions and meditations, for example, or in some cases even teach.


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