Vipassana Retreat

Retreat Completed

13 - 22 August 2021

10-days residential at Nalanda

Vipassana Retreat 2021
2021 Vipassana Retreat Participants

“Relying on an extremely stable mind and the analytical capacity of our own mind, we can learn a lot about reality. We will be able to eradicate all faults that cause mental disturbances and, in this way, transform the erroneous vision we have of ourselves, others and the world around us, and thereby live our life with a deeper joy and purpose.”

About this retreat

Vipassana is an ancient Buddhist meditation technique that goes back to the Sathipatanna sutra in the Pali Canon. Literally it means ‘special insight’ and is a mind which carefully discerns the reality of our body-mind complex; their impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and lack of a master-self. It is a practice of mindfulness and wisdom that intends to transform our mental attitude from self-grasping, clinging to experiences and objects, and automated reactions into a spacious and wise awareness which is more tuned into the workings of the reality of our body, mind and environment without being upset by their problems.

Please be aware that a vipassana retreat of 10 days can be challenging. The retreat will be in silence and involves a lot of sitting meditation. Nevertheless, those who can bear the challenges and do the practice to the best of their ability are likely to experience positive outcomes.

Venerable Zopa will instruct in Spanish, which will be translated into English and French.

Conditions for attending the retreat

For a harmonious and fruitful retreat we ask all participants to aware of the following conditions and rules:

  1. Silence: Starting from after the first session on the first day to the last session we ask all participants to observe strict silence. Talking is only allowed in the question and answers sessions and in case of emergency.
  2. No cell phones or other electronic devices. We will collect all cell phones in the beginning of the retreat and give them back in the end.
  3. Sessions will be divided between sitting meditation and walking meditation. Participants must attend all sessions.
  4. Food will be vegetarian or vegan. We offer breakfast, lunch and a light dinner.
  5. Karma yoga: We will ask you to do a light task 20 minutes per day, for example cleaning or dish washing.
  6. Punctuality: It is very important to arrive on time for all sessions.
  7. No books allowed: We ask you to not bring any books for the retreat, even if they are related to vipassana. The less distractions the better.
  8. Live by the five precepts: While in Nalanda we ask you to refrain from killing, stealing, lying, taking intoxicants (including cigarettes) and engaging in sexual activity.
  9. Bring your own FM radio in case you need translation into English or French.

An important note on the Covid-19 pandemic

Given that the pandemic has not ended by August we will accept a maximum number of 30 participants in the retreat, so that we can ensure sufficient social distance in the meditation hall and living space.

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about the teacher

Ven. Lobsang Zopa is a Spanish monk. He was ordained by H.H. Dalai Lama in Dharamsala (India) and is a teacher recognized by the FPMT. He is a resident monk at Nalanda Monastery for 15 years. Since several years, and with the approval of his teachers, he has been giving courses and directing meditation retreats of Shamatha and Vipassana in Spain and Mexico. He has also practiced Zen meditation for over 15 years.

retreat fees

Friends of Nalanda (F.o.N) have 10% discount on all retreats. A F.o.N. member is someone who donates at least 120 euro per year to Nalanda.