February 2024 Newsletter

Find the February 2024 newsletter here, detailing the Nalanda community updates!

  1. Tibetan New Year (Losar):

    • Commemorates the 40th anniversary of Lama Thubten Yeshe’s parinirvana.
    • Fifteen Days of Miracles follow, including Choetrul Duchen.
    • Special practices and festivities at Nalanda
  2. Exploring Buddhism:

    • FPMT’s new study program.
    • Opportunity to explore Buddha’s teachings.
    • Join FPMT Basic Program or Masters Program.
  3. Dagpo Rinpoche:

    • Recognized as the reincarnation of a great Gelug master.
    • Founded Guépèle Institute and Ganden Ling Institute in France.

      And much more!

Read it here and Rejoice with us!.

Retrouvez ici la newsletter de Fevrier 2024, avec les mises à jour de la communauté Nalanda!
FR: Réjouissons-nous !

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